Scam alert: Microsoft license has expired

Scam alert: Microsoft license has expired

You receive a robocall stating your Microsoft license has expired. This is a absolutely, positively, 100% a scam. And it is making its rounds again. For what it is worth, I can recall exactly one phone call from Microsoft in my 20+ year career and that was because I put in a support call to them. Needless to say, Microsoft will never call you because you have a virus, for any level of tech support, or pretty much any other reason whatsoever. Just hang up!

In my scenario, I received a call from 855-202-9532 saying my Microsoft license had expired. Sorry, but you’re not Microsoft. Fortunately, I was able to capture it this time. Link below! Feel free to use the sound clip for security awareness training, alerting others, or anywhere else you see fit.

If you have some free time, go ahead and give the crooks a call back. Hide your number of course. ;-)

Microsoft License Scam Sound Clip


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